If we ever meet again
Vow to embrace me
So that I may feel the world
Under my feet


11/24/2011, Thursday

It was already 9 o’clock in the evening. I still haven’t packed my things for tomorrow’s trip. My eyes were swelling and my mind was messed up. I had misunderstandings with some of my classmates and a fight with my mom that day. I was having second thoughts if I should really join the trip. I laid down what I felt to some classmates I trust and finally, they convinced me to join. So I dragged myself to prepare the things I needed. After I’ve done all that, swollen and teary-eyed, I tried to sleep my depression out. But I seriously wanted to put myself to coma that night.

11/25/2011, Friday

My plans for putting myself to coma didn’t work — I woke up at around 5 am. I looked at the mirror. Still swollen. I got ready and headed for school. I clipped my unhuman toenails on the way inside the car =)) I didn’t bring any gadgets with me (even a phone), just my Ang Mag-Anak na Cruz book. I sat with Franz in the bus :3 twas a long drive. Green everywhere. Finally the bus stopped and we thought we reached the place. But turns out we still had to ride a van to get there. The roads were very steep and no bus would make it on top. By batch we boarded the van (I joined the last batch) and set off.

We arrived at Dr. Suarez’s rest house and we were advised not to take a swim yet so we ate. :)) just when I thought we could finally swim, Ms. Ivy and Ms. Grace called us in for games. We were grouped into 4 and each member of each group should stand on a tarp with no feet outside it and try to turn the tarp over completely. I piggybacked on Jan and we won even though we only managed to turn half of the tarp over. After that, we were asked to switch to our swimming attires so I had an idea that in the next game, water’s involved. But I was wrong. The next game involved JUICE DRINKS instead. We were again grouped to 4 and each group had to make a line. We were then given plastic cups. The line’s first person’s cup was filled with juice and we had to pour the juice on the next person’s cup WITHOUT using our hands until it reaches the last person in line. Ultimate head-tilt power! I spilled juice all over Micah’s face. Sorry Micah! :* The group with the most juice gathered would win. We didn’t win this time though :/ :))

Swimming! Yay. I joined Matthew, Sir Ricky’s uber cute son (and my boyfie ♥ loljk) he told me that his pool noodle was his Gyarados (a Pokémon). Cutie pie! :”> I had pool fights, volleyball and underwater leg obstacle course. =))

Not long before we started swimming, Ms. Ivy called us again and announced that we would be trekking and going to some falls. It was a long way and by long, I mean VERY VERY long. We walked a very long, steep, concrete road about a kilometer long. We had an option though, it’s either you take the van or you walk to get there. And I’m very proud to say that I walked the long long road to get to the mountain part. The same van gave us (the “walkers”) iced water so I started squirting them to my co-walkers mouth and face. And before I knew it, we were already there. 🙂

Suffering wasn’t over  yet. We still have to trek the mountain. The thin pathways were very muddy and harsh. Note that I was only wearing my swimming attire reason why I got a few scratches on my legs 😦 We were surrounded by gorges (bangin) and I kind of slipped on some rocks. Good thing Liezl guided me or else I would’ve been dead :)) I saw three young boys jumped from rock to rock, not taking our path. I wondered if they actually lived there that they’re really used to doing that. It took us about 15 minutes to trek the mountain to get to the falls. And if you’re going to ask me what’s harder, the rope obstacles during our Outbound Trip or trekking this rough mountain, I’d say trekking by a thousand times.

We got to the falls but it really wasn’t the sight I wished to see. I expected something more, I mean I risked my life trekking this rough terrain and all I get to see is this..? My slipper was carried by the waters and my ass fell flat on the rocks. 😐 but it wasn’t really that bad. It felt great under where the waters fell. 🙂

It was time for us to leave the falls (finally!) and it was easier to climb the way back up. While on my way up, I talked with one of the young boys I saw jumping from rock to rock earlier.

Araw araw ba kayong ganito?” I asked.

Hindi naman po. Kapag may mga bibisita lang. Kami yung parang aalalay.

Ah, so sanay na kayo?

“Opo ate.”

I was back on the concrete road when some guys playing basketball started calling out on me, asking what’s my name and number. I shrugged them off and headed back to the rest house. Again, we had an option, to ride the van or walked. I still chose to walk and it was worth it, because Sir *iforgothisname:(* treated us with dirty ice cream ❤

Back at the rest house, I played in the pool again. After an hour or two, I showered and got ready to leave.

I really didn’t want to leave the place because it was presko. But we had to <//3 and by batch again, we started returning to the bus. I joined the first batch this time. Since I was one of the people who came back first, I operated the bus’ open-and-close door switch.

We were bound home and I was seated with Van this time. I slumped and slept most of the time and when I woke up, I joined Tropang Backseat‘s antics. We spread fake yet hilarious rumors and played Spin-the-Bottle. Yohanna and I kissed with our noses and my hands got kissed by Luis (ew). We were loud back there. Haha!

I’m really really grateful for the people who convinced me to join the trip. 😉 Worth it!

Repeat? ❤

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