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Take-home mock UPCAT essay paper

“Make the most elaborate lie you can think of about yourself.”


Have you ever wondered who you are as an individual in a different set of eyes? Have you ever paused for a moment and think about what you could have done to become what you could have been? Have you ever asked yourself what you are willing to do and what you are capable of doing to have a significant purpose in this vast earth? All these questions could be surmised into two simple questions: “who am I?” and “what am I for?”.

We, as unique individuals, are in constant search for our own identity. We cannot summon and claim our identity overnight. It takes a great deal of time and perseverance to discover, nurture, and protect who we are.

Now, I am asked to write an elaborate lie about myself. For one, I am still in the state of confusion and in the process of digesting who I really am and what my sole purpose is, and I am afraid the irony could worsen my condition. Setting that aside, I am still willing to find myself in the process of finishing this paper. Recalling last month’s conversation with my mother, she asked what I wanted to become by means of my career. All I answered her was, “happy”. That was the ultimate truth I could tell her at that time. Who doesn’t want to be happy anyway? For instance, I have a lot of interests and aspirations, and choosing a college program that could hit all of them with just one stone seems too good to be true. In other words, I still am undecided about who I am going to be in the near future. Fortunately, I have already narrowed down my choices of college programs. And all there is for me is to choose which one I think I would excel and be happy in.

Without much further ado, let’s start with the lie. I am going to tell you everything about the girl I’ve never been and what goes on in this girl’s mind. And I believe the best way to do just that is to be that girl.

I would like to introduce myself as someone who could pass as a Victoria’s Secret model. With my face value and my astonishing height, I consider myself as someone elite and better than everyone else. I prefer to go out and party ‘til I can party no more. And just so you know, books are my enemies. I don’t get why people read them when you can just go to the mall and shop for the newest fashion trends with your girl friends… I like to blow my money on the silliest things and that is why I am completely happy and contented with my life. I never want to improve! My money took me to where I am now, and my money could get me anything I could wish for.

I am also emotionally stable. I don’t over-think and I don’t give a damn on what could possibly happen to me. My money could take care of that. I don’t have goals in life because I think they’re a major contributing factor to stress. I am not outspoken with my thoughts – since people don’t care anyway – but I do like to boss everyone around. A day in my life is just a sunny day beside the pool, sipping lemonade while a maid coats me with sunscreen. And when the night comes, I head to the club with my gang wearing the skimpy dresses we bought from the mall and watch the boys stare and fall behind us. Pretty cool, huh? You’re jealous of what I have, aren’t you? Young, wild, and free baby!

… And that concludes the biggest, most embarrassing lie about who I am. Have you ever felt like you were possessed by a completely contrasting spirit? I just did. As that spirit took over me and typed the words above, I also got the picture of who I would not want to become. First of all, I don’t have the looks and the height of a model. Second, my self-esteem isn’t something to be proud of. I absolutely don’t “party ‘til I can party no more”. I am not rich and therefore I don’t have the fortune to get me anything that I want. I am also not emotionally stable. As I have said, my self-esteem isn’t something to be proud of. I over-think a lot and doing that just gives me a whole new set of worries. I am outspoken and goal-driven. I am willing to do anything to follow my dreams and fulfill my goals. Lastly, books are my first love. I would rather barricade myself in my room and spend an entire day with a book than hang out with my friends.

At first, I thought merely having an idea about this essay’s topic is unattainable. I had to look at myself first then defy the thought of who I am. But writing that helped me find more about myself. Paradoxical, isn’t it? I guess that’s how some things work.

Let my writing serve as a way for you, my reader, to find your identity. Don’t be afraid to oppose yourself at some points in your journey in search for your purpose, for opposing yourself could give you pieces of information of who you really are. Go forth; seek for the contentment of your soul. From there, you could trace the path to your identity and purpose.



by: Martinez, Sophia.  

I find my fingers running through grilled barriers

These walls envelop me but fail to contain my thoughts.

At times I find myself skimming through great wonders,

Worry-free and fearless of not getting caught.

As the river flows bounded to the sea,

So does my memories sprout and grow

To the point where they constrict and strangle me

Won’t these flashbacks ever hide rather show?

Contentment dawns on my caged stature,

But my mind free, soaring, and knows no bounds.

Unlike the outside where it seems endless and obscure

Lost, but here I am, free and found.

I could truly say this cage is not so bad,

Compared to the world that drove me mad.



inspiration: our school’s biodome.

From the time we were gathered for the first time as a group, held auditions for the cast, designated heads for each committee and whatnot, I readily accepted the ton of responsibility entrusted to me as the director of this musical production.

Our first meetings were kind of rocky, as I tried to see each of my batch mate’s potential and to devise a plan on how to make this production work. And it didn’t get any easier as time drew us near to our actual performance day (which was yesterday). A lot of yelling, coaching and arguments with teachers in between, then crying. I couldn’t even give my academics my full attention!

But yesterday, I forgot all that. I forgot the hardships as I saw my crew perform in front of the audience. Even though I was already running around giving orders and reminders, it seemed like I never grew tired. The only thing in my mind was that this very moment is what we’ve all prepared well for, what we’ve all waited for.

I never knew it would be that fantastic. I wasn’t expecting anything great, since I knew everyone of us is getting tired and can’t wait for this to end.

I started to tear up in the last dance. I wouldn’t say they were tears of joy. Tears of both joy and sadness would be a much safer option to describe them. Joy, because all of our efforts, big and small, really showed. I could feel the audience’s attentiveness to the performance since they were holding their cameras, keeping focus and even standing just to witness it. And sadness, because I’ll really miss the practice nights that seemed endless. The music, the dance steps, the glitters. And that ton of responsibility. I got used to carrying it and juggling it together with all the other things that I had to carry in life.

Curtain call, some Gangnam Style, and it was over. Finally over. At this point, I was already breaking down. Friends from my crew and even from the West Side’s crew congratulated and hugged me. I was surprised when Miss Nanet came running to me smiling and telling me that she’ll enroll me in a directing workshop. I was overwhelmed with happiness. Even until now. And lastly, I ran to my mom who was watching at the back. I didn’t mind all the students and teachers staring at us. I simply resumed crying ’til I can do no more.

Oh God, thank you. Can I feel this way forever?

I’ve never felt ecstasy for so long…

Thank you, A Chorus Line. And to all the people who made this Broadway musical production possible and worthwhile. From my assistant directors, to my choreographers, cast, scriptwriters, props men, production staff and down to the teacher coordinators, T H A N K  Y O U. You’ll always belong to the happy memories I’ll treasure and remember even after I graduate. 🙂

Video links: (video courtesy to miss Bheng Mico!)


Factions and Where Is The Love–JoVTv2Q5_fNbySA9Q&index=3&feature=plcp

Finale (One)–JoVTv2Q5_fNbySA9Q&index=5&feature=plcp

Curtain Call–JoVTv2Q5_fNbySA9Q&index=2&feature=plcp

Last Act: Gangnam Style–JoVTv2Q5_fNbySA9Q&index=1&feature=plcp

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”
— Babe Ruth

My interpretation of this quote is very simple.

Teamwork isn’t just all about the team as a whole, but it is also about the individuality and differences of every person included in the team. Each member has to know, work out and respect each other’s differences. With that knowledge in hand, this would enable the members to adjust and adapt to one another. Only when this phase has been attained, the whole crew could now function as a real whole, knowing each other’s individuality to work towards a common vision even if that vision becomes extremely blurry.