Monthly Archives: August 2013

The thought of being apart had always scared me. As a person who seems to need that constant reminder, the reassurance of the presence of the intangible, I always made sure that what I felt would be transparent enough to the opposite subject, and dear God, did I expect the same treatment.

It’s been a while since I started feeling the intangible, and it is, by far, one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had. There are nights when my mind, driven by the heart, is most active at quarter to 3 in the morning. My readers are all witnesses of this. And because of the consequences of expecting the same kind of treatment I give, I suffer.

Until today.

I realized that space is good. That it is essential for the differences to grow. That because we are composed of priorities and dreams apart from each other, there is indeed a need for a good deal of space to let these things prosper. Without it, we would be limited only to the world of the other, boxed up and unable to explore the vastness of our distinct interests.

And it gets better for me. Despite the space that most people perceive as something negative, we still emerge as strong as ever. It’s a sad thing to see that people hurt, break, and fall apart when time brings space to claim a position between them. They have become so inseparable that when the time for necessary separation comes, the space becomes stronger than their love — because they didn’t let their individuality grow; as human beings, we are created to discover ourselves, pursue individuality, then love. (idealistically speaking)

Eventually, all things, especially us humans with our complex emotions, have to let space claim its rightfully-owned place in our time. For then can we truly breathe, grow, and develop as the person we are destined to be, individual and free. When we learn to treat space as a friend, it becomes essential to keep the bonds we share strong and unending.