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If we ever meet again
Vow to embrace me
So that I may feel the world
Under my feet


Looking back to Summer 2012, I remember how anxious I was to know my section, let alone Junior year itself. I’ve been hearing many people say about how Junior year is the most vexing period of a high school student’s life. Hearing teachers say that I would be part of the cream section certainly didn’t help. Although it may sound rewarding and exciting to others, I was tormented with the news. I didn’t consider myself to belong in such a prestigious group. I didn’t consider myself to be that skillful and smart. And if I were to be placed among these people, I’d probably be eaten alive and my remains would be trampled and buried under these vigorous learners’ feet. Exaggerated? Quite, but no lies said. All summer long, I dreaded for the day I see my name under the cream’s list.

Then came the day the school released the sections. That was the day I dreaded the most, and the day I furiously ran around the parameters of our house. Yes, because I did find my name among the pool of those vigorous learners. I was intimidated. I was afraid. But the only thing I could do then was to choose between two options: to break down and let myself be eaten, trampled, and buried; or to accept, put my armor on, and put up a fight.

The first day was not as violent as how my thoughts went, though. Sir John, my beloved second father, made the atmosphere light and easy for me to remain calm. We met our subject teachers for the whole year, and got the chance to get a glance of all the topics to be tackled in Junior year. As we rolled up our anchors and sailed away from summer’s docks and onward to another school year, our different personalities and the diverse individuality began to dance and fortunately, blend well in the atmosphere. I was in awe of how the vigorous learners in my head turned out to be the nicest comrades and the *insert every positive adjective here* classmates God could bless me with.

Somehow, I learned to adapt with living in the fast lane. They were right about the “most exasperating year of all” comment. When you think you could easily get everything done, you’re then again bombarded with tasks and requirements before you even know it, until all you can see is the ever-growing list of unchecked boxes of tasks to be accomplished. I was deprived from sleep, food, and even family time because of all the school work (not to mention the secretary work, both for the class and for the Student Council). Luckily, I learned the art of prioritizing and time management. 😉

Tasks and requirements were not the only things you could be bombarded with this school year. It rained opportunities and stepping stones to great accomplishments. I could proudly say that I’ve taken every one of them and each bloomed to milestones. I was elected as the Secretary of the Student Council, got to direct a successful musical play, invited to a theater workshop, received grades rewarding enough to be proud of, represented the school in various off-campus competitions such as the UNTV Quiz Bee and the Oratorical Speech Contest, participated in my batch’s glory in the HS Intramurals, voiced out my ideas for the improvement of everything needed to be done, lent an ear and a hand to those who needed them, and many other things I thought I could never conquer and accomplish in my whole lifetime.

And if there is anything greater than these milestones and achievements God has made possible, it was the peopleEvery single one. From the vigorous learners, to the teachers, to my batch mates, to the newfound friendships, down to every one who made this frustrating year worth while.

My ohana, Agusan Del Norte 2012 – 2013, never did I think that we are going to be this tight and close. Yes, we do have our personal differences but we met together at some point. And that’s what makes us special. I won’t define this as a farewell excerpt, but rather a thank-you message. I believe that the only thing that ended was the school year, but not our bond. We’re a familyFrom day one. And always will be. Thank you for letting an ordinary midget join your prestigious club. Thank you for recognizing my potentials. Thank you for the laughs and moments that we shared, through the thick and thin. But most importantly, thank you for molding me into a better person, to who I am today, and for making me realize my inner worth. If I were to sum up all the things I could thank you guys for, it would take me forever. Thank you.

I didn’t intend for this post to be dramatic, but who cares? The feeling of having to move on from something you can’t let go of is indeed painful.

I can’t thank God enough for all the graces He has endowed upon me. This school year definitely left a deep but positive mark on my whole identity. Sure, together with these year-end farewells, there were also people who bid their goodbyes. But they, too, also left a mark. A mark that I would always keep with me, to remind me of how they touched my life.

This summer, I won’t be as tormented as I was last summer. If ever I see my name again under the cream list for my Senior year, I’d remain calm.

I put up a great fight this year. So why can’t I put up a better one for my last year? 🙂

(pictures to be added some other time)