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I can’t lie, I’ve liked him since this school year started… That silly boy who dances so damn well, that pal whom I always wanted to talk to about anything under the sun, that seatmate who knew every tear I’ve shed for unworthy boys, and that guy whose hugs remind me of my self-worth… I’ve never really found the words to say until last month, October 29. ☺

Happy first monthsary to my best friend, brother, and my everything! Thank you for being my hope and inspiration through times when things don’t go well and through life’s greatest moments. Thank you for giving me a reason to look forward to each new day with a smile and the courage to go through it, which I obviously did not know how to do and did not have before. And lastly, for someone as frustrated, as sad, as insecure, and as miserable as I am, thank you for constantly reminding me that I am loved.

I would never forget yesterday’s surprise “adventure” you planned which ADN made possible, the wonderful lunch, and the adorable cupcakes!

I probably should stop writing now… Dinadaga na ata ‘to at wala ako sa mood umiyak kasi hindi ko pa rin mapigil ngiti ko. Nakakangalay na ha! Mmmmhmmm!!! Wahahaha!

Chester Lance Diaz Mico, honey, you are loved by me! I am forever grateful and blessed to have you in my life! Bear that in mind! ♥



by: Martinez, Sophia.  

I find my fingers running through grilled barriers

These walls envelop me but fail to contain my thoughts.

At times I find myself skimming through great wonders,

Worry-free and fearless of not getting caught.

As the river flows bounded to the sea,

So does my memories sprout and grow

To the point where they constrict and strangle me

Won’t these flashbacks ever hide rather show?

Contentment dawns on my caged stature,

But my mind free, soaring, and knows no bounds.

Unlike the outside where it seems endless and obscure

Lost, but here I am, free and found.

I could truly say this cage is not so bad,

Compared to the world that drove me mad.



inspiration: our school’s biodome.


“Walang dapat ikalungkot sa pagpapaalam.”

Makata, maraming salamat po sa lahat. Lalong lalo na po na iyong nakita at napahalagahan ang aking potensyal bilang isang estudyante. Ingat po kayo doon ha! Sana man lang hinintay niyo yung evaluation forms namin bago kayo umalis…

Sisiguraduhin ko po na aming gagamitin at ipapamalas ang inyong huling handog para sa aming batch. At sisikapin ko rin pong hindi kayo hanapin sa magiging bagong guro namin. ☺

Paalam Ginoong JM! ♥