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From the time we were gathered for the first time as a group, held auditions for the cast, designated heads for each committee and whatnot, I readily accepted the ton of responsibility entrusted to me as the director of this musical production.

Our first meetings were kind of rocky, as I tried to see each of my batch mate’s potential and to devise a plan on how to make this production work. And it didn’t get any easier as time drew us near to our actual performance day (which was yesterday). A lot of yelling, coaching and arguments with teachers in between, then crying. I couldn’t even give my academics my full attention!

But yesterday, I forgot all that. I forgot the hardships as I saw my crew perform in front of the audience. Even though I was already running around giving orders and reminders, it seemed like I never grew tired. The only thing in my mind was that this very moment is what we’ve all prepared well for, what we’ve all waited for.

I never knew it would be that fantastic. I wasn’t expecting anything great, since I knew everyone of us is getting tired and can’t wait for this to end.

I started to tear up in the last dance. I wouldn’t say they were tears of joy. Tears of both joy and sadness would be a much safer option to describe them. Joy, because all of our efforts, big and small, really showed. I could feel the audience’s attentiveness to the performance since they were holding their cameras, keeping focus and even standing just to witness it. And sadness, because I’ll really miss the practice nights that seemed endless. The music, the dance steps, the glitters. And that ton of responsibility. I got used to carrying it and juggling it together with all the other things that I had to carry in life.

Curtain call, some Gangnam Style, and it was over. Finally over. At this point, I was already breaking down. Friends from my crew and even from the West Side’s crew congratulated and hugged me. I was surprised when Miss Nanet came running to me smiling and telling me that she’ll enroll me in a directing workshop. I was overwhelmed with happiness. Even until now. And lastly, I ran to my mom who was watching at the back. I didn’t mind all the students and teachers staring at us. I simply resumed crying ’til I can do no more.

Oh God, thank you. Can I feel this way forever?

I’ve never felt ecstasy for so long…

Thank you, A Chorus Line. And to all the people who made this Broadway musical production possible and worthwhile. From my assistant directors, to my choreographers, cast, scriptwriters, props men, production staff and down to the teacher coordinators, T H A N K  Y O U. You’ll always belong to the happy memories I’ll treasure and remember even after I graduate. 🙂

Video links: (video courtesy to miss Bheng Mico!)


Factions and Where Is The Love–JoVTv2Q5_fNbySA9Q&index=3&feature=plcp

Finale (One)–JoVTv2Q5_fNbySA9Q&index=5&feature=plcp

Curtain Call–JoVTv2Q5_fNbySA9Q&index=2&feature=plcp

Last Act: Gangnam Style–JoVTv2Q5_fNbySA9Q&index=1&feature=plcp