A Whole New Level

There are two main reasons why I’m more than willing to run for secretary and be a member of my institution’s Student Council. First of all, I have personally observed from my past years in Seton that the guarantee of the free flow of ideas from student to council and council to student only lasts until the end of campaigning. The Student Council is referred to as Student Council for a reason. It is an organization whose intention is to manage a better form and way of communication and “idea-transfer” from students to teachers, and from teachers to students as well. I would want to help in implementing on what the supposed Student Council should really do. Second, I believe that joining the Student Council will be a whole new avenue for me to speak my mind and share my knowledge on matters. For a junior, I have many ideas in mind that I haven’t shared publicly and I’m itching to voice them all out. I’m no novice when it comes to being a member of the SC. I have been a part of SC for 2 years, back when I was in Grade School. As for being a secretary, I have been elected by my classmates as one for 3 years straight now. I can handle even the most complex of tasks, for I am molded into an efficient worker and critical thinker. One of my great achievements is, being awarded honors for 8 years consecutively, from first grade to second year high school. And it is my pure willingness that gives me the edge to perform exceptionally well in this organization.

I firmly believe that I possess excellent qualities of a leader which are very necessary if you’re rooting for a position in the Student Council. With these qualities in hand, I am intending to contribute anything compulsory to the organization and to the student body as well, by supplying an endless list  of ideas regarding our future projects and platforms. I would also suggest many new projects for the Council to work on. In fact, as I write, tons of ideas are already beginning to sprout in my head. I am certainly not the shy type of a lady, so you could definitely count on me in public relations and other matters that involve speaking in front of a mass. I’m efficient and persevering when it comes to work, and I always put my very best on things. Thus, my outputs are always quality outputs. I’m also a creative and artistic person. So expect my suggestions to be very vibrant and possess a touch of excitement and enthusiasm.

If ever elected, my first work would be the usual tasks of a secretary. It is expected, as a secretary, to make records of all the happenings, finances and other matters and to keep track of them. Also, as a secretary, I would keep my advisers up to date with what’s up and happening in the organization and the student body. How our platforms are affecting the system, the possible risks we might face and I could also offer  a wide range of possible solutions to temporary hindrances to be surely encountered by the rest of the Council throughout the year. I would brainstorm with my fellow SC members for ideas that might help make a positive and reflective change on the system and the student body.

I have already armed myself for the possible consequences I might face from having to take the risk to stand up for my fellow students, prove what I am worth to the whole population of this institution and to make myself truly realize that I am capable of things which I think I am not capable to do. 🙂


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