FIRST DAY: Junior High

Riiiiiing!, my alarm goes off. I hesitate to open my eyes even just to manage a little squint. I remember it was only five hours ago I tried to force myself to sleep and let the worries of today fade to the oblivion. But that oblivion is too far away to reach back now, since I’m wide awake with my eyes tightly shut, not wanting to see even a streak of light. I blindly search my alarm with my hands to put a stop to the ringing. I lay on my back for a little while, still not having a tiny peek of the world. I have to get up. I have to get up now. This day won’t seize itself. I think to myself. Apparently, I hit the snooze button on my alarm earlier, so it’s back to ringing now. Digressing the hesitations and fighting the immense pull from my bed, I get up, find my feet to my slippers and head outside of my room to get ready. I just had enough time to spray perfume all over myself when my tito let out a honk from our car, signaling my mom and I that it’s time to leave for school. He has been driving me to and from school for a year now. I’m grateful he agreed to, even if it means him his personal time. 🙂 I get in the car together with mom. Then we took off for Seton.

Thousands of thoughts such as “what ifs…”, and “how will I…” occupy a part of my mind throughout the whole trip. Another part seeks for solutions to whatever odds that may not be in my favor might face me straight to the face today. In no time, I notice we’ve already passed the entrance gates of the campus. I regain my optimistic side. Fellow students and teachers coming from every direction, from cars, from tricycles. I recognize a few. I wonder if they feel the same way as I do: anxious… Tito parked at one side to drop me off. I hug my mom goodbye and promise her that by the end of this school year, she’ll be coming up the stage once again. I don’t know what got me to say that, but it did make me feel less weak and nervous. I head for Agusan Del Norte, my section for this year. I assume there would still be a few number of my batch mates since it’s only 6:30 in the morning. But I was wrong. Seems like a lot of my batch mates thought of the same idea of coming early to school so it wouldn’t be that awkward to come up in class with everybody on their seats staring at you. Batch mates flocking from here to there, bidding their hellos accompanied with hugs and beso besos. It’s a natural sight every first day morning. I find my own group and strike a little chat. I agree to sit beside a close friend of mine since we were just grade schoolers named Karisse. (Hi Squishy! Hehe)

When we’re all settled down to our seats, a teacher came in our room. I knew from that moment that he’s going to be the one who we’ll call our adviser. A gentle, familiar face, since he often comes up on stage during assemblies to read and implement reflections for the daily Gospel reading. Sir John Bernabe. That’s his name. 🙂 he asks us to leave our bags and form our lines outside. No doubt, we’re heading to the gymnasium. We always do every start of the year, for the general assembly and the introduction of the faculty and staff. Just seeing every possible teacher I’ll be having come up the stage is enough to me drive me nuts out of nervousness. Surprisingly, there are many changes to the faculty and staff. There’s this teacher who handled me in History back when I was in my freshman year. Now, she’s teaching Home Economics. I didn’t expect her to make such a change…

We head back to our classroom to discuss the house rules and other matters with Sir John. Instead of being straight to the point with each of the rules, Sir John instructed as to write a question or a suggestion regarding them on a piece of paper. I asked the reason behind the one-person-at-a-time policy when it comes to going out to the restrooms. After we were done writing our questions and suggestions, we were asked to drop them in a box. Sir John will draw a paper from the box one at a time, and try to answer and favor the questions/suggestions written on them. We also had an election for the class officers. And believe it or not, I was elected as the class’s secretary. AGAIN. For the third time consecutively since freshman year. Oh wow, I say to myself, I thought I had already escaped the burden of checking the attendance for every period when last school year ended. Not to mention the thick pile of attendance sheets occupying at least 1/3 of my filing envelope. Not. But I just smile, let a deep yet unnoticeable sigh escape my mouth and accept the “new” responsibility.

For the first time ever (obviously), we meet our new Math teacher for the whole school year. His name is Sir Iean, and he has been in Seton for so long, maybe even before I came to this world… I was and still am intimidated by him, first impression being highly strict and unforgiving, but I already developed a liking for him. He’s really good with his words and has a great sense of humor, although I’m pretty much sure my classmates were also intimidated… But I’m more than positive that as we proceed through the year, all our intimidation would fade off and hopefully we’ll develop a strong bond with this teacher. The sophomores this year are his fans. You could tell from all the cheers and applauds he received a while back in the gymnasium when he was being called on stage. We kicked off our orientation with introducing ourselves in a mathematical manner. Each of us were assigned with a number from 1 to 39. He gives sets of math problems and equations that we have to think or solve for the answer, and if the answer is or includes our personal numbers, we stand up. If one stands up when he’s not supposed to or vice versa, he has to face a consequence. Go in front to introduce himself and answer a couple of questions from Sir Iean. This way, we are hitting two birds in one stone: introducing ourselves and reviewing our past lessons on Math. Of course, no one wanted to make a mistake but unfortunately there were a handful who did… It wasn’t that bad though, going up and introducing yourself. Luckily, I didn’t make a mistake of standing up or staying seated. After that, we discussed about the grading system. How we’re not supposed to brag about how good we are in Math, because out of the 357 branches of Mathematics, we, the students have only taken up two. And the good news is, we would take up another two this school year. Overall, our first day in meeting Sir Iean, and having an orientation with the subject itself was great! I already have a new favorite quote from the teacher himself: “I don’t get mad, I get even.” 🙂

After meeting Sir Iean, Sir John came back to have a few final words for the day. My head started to swirl and my back has gone severely painful and numb. I longed to go home. I longed for the comfort of my bed. I longed for that oblivion.

I finally did manage to get home still capable of walking. My brother was ranting about how he was elected as the Vice President of his class. I guess I’m not the only one hating his “new” responsibility. I made my way to the room and slept.

A big THANK YOU to all the people who made my first day as a Junior amazing. To the people I had my breaks with, thank you! Love love hihihi ♥♥ thank you ADN and Sir John for making me feel home even though summer just ended. Thank you for seeing my potential for earlier’s discussion. 🙂

This is getting too long and redundant already… It’s time to conclude! Thank you for reading! I’ve been writing for more than 2 hours now, and I’ve been resisting the urge to sleep. I’m exhausted… There’s school tomorrow and I have a light fever.  Maybe because I was nabigla for waking up too early this morning… I’m looking forward to more exciting orientations with each subject teacher!

And also, I want you to know that writing a new blog entry from now on will be scarce for me, since school has finally returned. But I would do my best to write new ones 🙂 especially when something really really REALLY unforgettable happens. I can’t resist letting happenings pass by unwritten, especially when they made a real significance in my life. And I firmly believe my junior year would be full of significance and substance.

Until then! ☺ xxx


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