Just another morning rant.

Does anyone know what’s the best thing to halt or at least reduce that negative feeling from insecurities? I’ve been bearing that feeling for days now and I very much loathe it. It’s like getting punched abruptly in the stomach. What’s worse is that the way I think about myself is affected as well… My self-esteem is gradually decreasing 😦

I’m a happy teen most of the time but when things get down and quiet and I’m left alone with just me, I can’t seem to stop comparing myself to other people… That’s when the feeling creeps in. It’s horrible. It can choke and consume me whole.

I’ve been reading articles regarding insecurities and some how-to-deal guide but so far, nothing seems to work… I’ve been also observing myself in front of a long mirror, my features, my edges and such. I’m confident with the image I see, but when I look away the feeling haunts me back then I don’t feel so good about myself. I don’t feel enough. And this can come and increase in a sudden, or gradually.

Fortunately, it hasn’t affected my way of living, just yet. I hope it won’t though. I don’t have eating disorders (I pig out a lot) nor any illness known to man. 🙂

I’m in no need of a psychiatrist or any mental help. I can actually handle the feeling in many ways possible but when it sinks in to me it’s just plain horrible… Thanks to my friends, family and dear loved ones, I can somehow lift the weight off my shoulders. 🙂 For now, I just need to pull myself together, have someone to talk to and can listen, learn not to compare myself with others and know by heart that society is an ass for setting standards on what we’re supposed to be.

  1. Girl I may not know you but I already love you. While I am not in your position I can understand where you’re coming from. Write a journal just let it ok. Look at each insecurity you have and ask yourself is this rational? Life is simple we make it complicated. Do things for yourself. The first thing is to stop thinking about what other ppl think can care about making yourself happy. Work out do art

    • you’re really sweet, aren’t you? thank you so much for the words! ❤ I'll try to do so, and if I see any improvements I'll tell you right away! 🙂 I love you too, and a million thanks for cheering me up through your meaningful comments, caracaleo!!!! we should get to know each other more 😉

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