Run run with the fury of a saint in her eyes.

3/16/2012, Friday

I went to school both hyped and nervous. I’ve been doing the clearance of the whole class for 3 days now, and I can’t wait to finish it. As I walked down the hallway, a fellow medalist also vouching for an award this year approached and told me that the letter that would determine if I would be attending the Recognition program or not (it’s either a happy or sad gram) is already waiting at the office. I began to respire faster and my eyes got wider and I turned around to tell my friends what was up. I wasn’t ready to march in the office and receive the results yet, but they were. I would like to gather up my guts someplace else but they said it would be better if I know immediately. Before I could pull myself together, they were already dragging me to the office.

Ms. Rina, the one who was in-charge of handing out the letters gave me the envelope and a draft that I was supposed to sign. “Congratulations!”, it said. I was completely relieved and my friends were very happy and proud of me. They each gave me a hug :3 Anticipated, I continued reading. I noticed that they got my section printed wrong. It said, “…Sophia Martinez of II – SULTAN KUDARAT…”, totally contradicting the fact that I’m from Sarangani! I told Ms. Rina the problem and she apologized and told me that she has always thought that I was from Sultan Kudarat. It’s funny because it has been a year and she still wasn’t sure about what section I come from. I mean, I go to the office almost everyday… She also told me to come back for the final letter after a few hours as well.

Instead of just sitting around doing nothing, my friends and I decided to try to complete the clearance while waiting for the final copy of the letter to be handed out. Yet that didn’t went well since we visited Jan’s place to remind him on what he was missing on the clearance, but we ended up spending most of the afternoon stuck in his pad watching Limitless. When the movie was finally over, we decided to have lunch at 7 Eleven then return to the clearance business. We managed to complete majority of the clearance’s coverage that afternoon and I went home with a grin and my happy gram. ☺

3/21/2012, Wednesday

Recognition Day! *ding ding ding ding* I woke up and immediately took a bath to get ready to go to the salon. My hairstylist for almost 4 years now will be curling my hair. I wanted it straight but mom wanted it to be curly. She said she’d like to go up onstage and receive the medal with Cristine Reyes on her side. *wink wink* I couldn’t argue. I don’t want to be late. Haha. 😉

After my hair was done, we went home so I could get dressed for the program. I wore this pretty pair of fake lashes that made my eyes water later on. We got to school in the nick of time. The ceremony went well as practiced just the day before. It took long before our names were called. Then there we were. Smiling vibrantly with our medals on. We made our way back to our seats and while on the way there, the teachers from the side were congratulating me and complementing on how “beautiful” I looked. I just replied with a simple thank you and a smile. But deep inside I was very flattered. Me? Beautiful? Psh, yeah right!

The program finished 2 hours earlier than expected. I didn’t wait any longer to take my fake lashes because it’s starting to make my eyes water and my head ache. My mom and I proceeded to the faculty to get pictures taken with my beloved teachers. I got a picture from mama Ivy, Sir Leo, Ms. Anne (my girl crush!), Mr. Pulido and Sir PJ! I got a hug from Sir PJ and I asked him if he would still be my teacher in Physics. He told me if he would stay teaching in Seton, he would be. :>

We were heading to ATC after the program, as mom told me. I got changed and left for Town. We ate at Bonchon and I happily devoured 2 cups of rice. :3 With happy tummies, we went home and thanked the Almighty that the day was over and well spent. ♥

I’m very thankful that I was awarded a medal once again. The past year has been a real pain in the neck and I’m very much grateful to see that all my hard work had paid off. 🙂 I’m hungry for more work next year, and I will gladly take them on one by one. I’m motivated to do better and aim higher next year, too!

To the people who inspired, believed and rooted for me, all of these wouldn’t be possible without you guys. Thank you so much!

And to those who thought that I wouldn’t make it, underestimated my abilities and took me for granted, thank you as well. Thanks for pushing me to my limit, enabling me to lay down my best and molding myself into a better person. Really. 😉

So that’s it for the great achievement this school year! I do apologize if the construction of my sentences isn’t that appealing to you, my beloved readers. It’s hard to recall happenings in detail especially if during those times you were overly anticipated and exited that so much was running in your mind all you want to do is live the moment. 🙂 But here are photos from the event to make up for my loss…

Until then! ♥

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