Monthly Archives: January 2012

I’ve been trying to write new blog entry the past few months but time wouldn’t let me. 😦

A lot of things happened since then. I started talking and getting together with my now-called “bff” once again, had a great Christmas break, threw a tantrum during New Year’s Eve, moved to a new house and many more.

I’d be telling you all of the above mentioned except for the tantrum I threw on New Year’s Eve. Past is past, haha!


Well at least that’s what my phone says. Recently I got in touch again with, let’s refer to him as “bff”. We haven’t talked properly for months until 27th December, his birthday. I can’t really share how I feel for him at the moment since many of you might judge me. Hihi. But he knows very well how I feel for him. Why not ask him? Hahaha.

Christmas Vacatio-. Bitin e, ba’t ba!

The Christmas break went by so fast! We didn’t spend it somewhere else though. What could be sweeter than home sweet home? *u* Had a blast biking through the narrow streets of my former village and staying up late ’til we drop knowing that we could sleep in as long as we like. :”) We even slept at around 4 am on Christmas Eve! I also received gifts that I liked very much and gifts that I thought was boring. Either way, thank you very much!! At least you tried. 😉 But the best part is, the break was totally homework-free! Only me being tormented of how my scores in the quarterly exam would turn out. But they actually turned out great! Thank God. ☺

B1 L2, Ford Street, Marcos Alvarez Avenue, Talon Singko, Las Piñas City

We just moved last Saturday!!! Finally. It might take me some time to adjust completely but I like it here. It’s very quiet here compared to my former village and it has that quaint feel. The beeping and rushing of cars and motors are your very own alarm clock in the morning. *u* I could go wilder in biking in these broad streets.

But I do miss Classic, a lot. 😦 I miss the noise, I miss the kids, I miss everything! Good thing it only takes me a short walk to get there. Really hoping they won’t ban outsiders. I’m not even an outsider, I  still have a house there. Haha!


So that’s it for now. It’s getting late and I still have classes tomorrow.

Until next time! ♥