I’ve Decided.

My mom was reading me a leaflet she got from our school’s orientation about careers and college courses. She mentioned a line of courses I could take like Architecture, Engineering, Education, Events Planning, Mass Communication, Biologist, etc. She knew I have a heart for arts and she also knew that I’m a social animal. I told her I wanted to perform arts so I asked her if there’s such course. She told me I search for it in Google and at first, I only found UP (University of the Philippines) to be offering a course related to performing arts. I would study in any university, scary or not, just to have performing arts as my course. But my mom didn’t want me to study there — she’s afraid I might become an activist. Instead, she wanted Ateneo De Manila University for me since she graduated college there. 🙂

In hopes I could find a course related to performing arts, I went up to ADMU’s site and browsed their list of courses. Courses mentioned by my mom earlier were there but I had no interest in any of them. All I want is just performing arts.

I stumbled to Fine Arts section. I scrolled down its sub-courses and boom. There it was. Under Fine Arts was Theater. And next to it said “*new course!*“. I was overjoyed, I ran downstairs carrying my laptop yelling. Mom was like, wtf is wrong with you and I’m just stfu and check this outttt. After looking at my laptop screen, she clicked on some link and read me this:


Theater Arts exposes students to the range of theater activities, onstage and offstage, all of which require an individual and collaborative intelligence and passionate interest in theater. The program is seen as away to increase the number of trained men and women in theater practices, and to provide a venue for the development of theater artists who intend to apply their knowledge of the theater craft for work in professional theater or in film, radio, or television.

Aside from involvement in theater and media, the program’s graduates do well in fields and in careers that place heavy demands on meeting the public. The program is a sound undergraduate preparation for public service or law, for teaching, for careers in sales and business, and for fields involving human relations.

After she read the article, I was more eccentric than before! Turns out I could be a lawyer, a teacher, a businesswoman, etc. if I take the course! 😀

I’m so sure with the course already. All I have to do is to graduate high school (hopefully not too soon yet, I’m really loving it) and pass the entrance exam to ADMU! :>

Finally, a course that really fits me being an aspiring artist and a social animal! 🙂 I know it’s kind of early to think and plan about college life but hey, at least I won’t cram on my last year in high school.

Ateneo knew I was coming! 😉


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