Long Awaited Reply

We’re down to poetry in our English class and Ms. Anne let us read The River-Merchant’s Wife, a poem from China. You can read the whole thing here: http://bit.ly/1JGkYv

After we analyzed the poem, Ms. Anne gave us an activity to work on. We will play the role of the river-merchant and write a letter to his wife through a poem. We’re free to choose how the letter will turn out so we decided to write a heartbreaking reply (at least for the wife).

Husband’s Reply

by Sophia Martinez

I remember the time when I was younger

Memories full of bliss, sweet yet bitter

I played horse, you picked flowers with hair cut straight

Never knew that soon enough, you’d be my fate

And there came the day when we were united

I was filled with joy but you were half-hearted

I knew how you felt for we were both young

Clueless, wondering couple for who knew how long

Time is such an unfair opponent

Finally you got attached, but then I departed

It was against my will to leave you alone,

Knowing that I’d be filled with worries of you on your own

Months passed and I felt so lonely

Just the thought of you makes everyday so gloomy

I longed for someone to make me feel better

If not you then someone here with me over the waters

I’ve been keeping this for quite sometime,

Afraid that you might say it’s a crime

It’s time to man up, reality hits you hard,

That you’re no longer the reason for the beats of this heart.


It’s no big deal, actually. I’m just pleased that it came out with sense. Haha! 🙂


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